Evolution® 2 NX Additives & Reducers

Evolution® 2 NX Additives & Reducers

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NX6390 Viscosity Reducer—A reducer that can be used to lower viscosity, or, as a print softener in all finished NX System inks. Increments of up to 3% by weight can be added to finished inks without affecting the cure or colour strength.

NC7000 Low-Crock Additive— If additional pigment crocking resistance is required NC7000 can be added in amounst up to 10% by weight. In conditions where the inks will be stored in temperatures above 80°F (28°C) only enough ink that can be used within a 24 hour period should be mixed as NC7000 will cause inks to thicken. If stored at temperatures below 80° F (28°C) the mixed ink may last up to 7 days before it shows signs of thickening. It is not necessary to add NC7000 to NX6581 Optical White or NX6710 Defender as both are ready-for-use products.

For full technical information on the NX system, please click here.

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