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Discovery Lancer – Printing and Apparel Decoration Solutions

Since 1973, Discovery Lancer has been a key supplier of materials, equipment, and supplies for the Canadian imprinted sportswear industry. The company leads the printing industry in Canada, providing a wide range of inks, materials, and equipment suitable for printers of every kind. Discovery Lancer is committed to blending innovation with sustainability, ensuring each product meets high-quality standards while following eco-friendly practices.

Discovery Lancer not only provides the necessary tools and materials for various printing and decoration projects but also shares its extensive knowledge and experience. This support ensures operations of all sizes can achieve efficient workflows and high-quality results.

Dedicated to delivering the highest quality materials and equipment, Discovery Lancer continues to support innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction in every project.

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Direct To Film (DTF) Printers and Products

Committed to innovation, Discovery Lancer has consistently provided the latest printing products to meet the changing needs of the market. The introduction of Direct To Film (DTF) technology is a key part of their expansive offerings. This method allows for the direct application of designs onto various materials using specialized films and heat processes, significantly advancing the capabilities of printing technology.

Direct To Film (DTF) printing technology enhances the quality and durability of prints while broadening the scope of potential applications. It enables intricate designs on garments and unique prints on unconventional materials, allowing businesses to tap into new creative markets. The process streamlines production, cuts down on turnaround times, and reduces environmental impact by eliminating the need for fabric pre-treatment and minimizing waste.

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