Your source for Direct To Film (DTF) printers and supplies, screen printing, and heat applied materials since 1973.

About Us

Our Mission

The Discovery Group was founded on the idea that your success is our success. We will do what ever it takes to meet your imprinting needs. We will go that extra mile to make sure you get the products you need when you need them. Service is also important to us as we believe in helping our customers with technical issues and product support. This is our mission.

What We Do

The Discovery Group manufacturers and supplies products for virtually every aspect of imprinted sportswear. Our expertise ranges from die cut or pre-aligned names and numbers to heat transfer machines. We carry imprinatable products such as specialty heat transfer papers. Our specialized products include ScreenPro® and ProStitch® names and numbers.

Who We Are

Since 1973, The Discovery Group has provided the imprinted sportswear industry with the latest materials, equipment and supplies. We are 100% Canadian owned and operated with our head office located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We are very proud to be the only full service, Canadian manufacturer and supplier to the imprinted sportswear industry.

Discovery Lancer is known for its Plastisol Inks, essential for screen printing due to their vibrant colours and durability. These inks offer excellent coverage on various textiles, earning the favor of printing professionals. The Excalibur brand, in particular, enjoys widespread popularity for its quality and reliability.

In today’s environmentally conscious market, Discovery Lancer promotes water-based inks for their low ecological impact. These inks, known for their soft hand feel, are perfect for light-coloured garments. The Aqua brand represents Discovery Lancer’s commitment to eco-friendly, high-quality printing solutions, which are available in both Aqua print and Aqua pro versions.

Discharge Inks is another innovative solution from Discovery Lancer. Ideal for printing on dark garments by removing the fabric’s dye to create a soft-to-the-touch print. These inks, part of the Aqua series, enable vivid and comfortable prints on darker materials.

The introduction of Direct To Film (DTF) printing has marked a significant advancement in fabric printing technology. Discovery Lancer’s DTF inks are designed for strong adhesion, vibrant colours, and durability. The Triumph brand, launched in 2023, represents the latest in DTF inks and DTF supplies in Canada.

Discovery Lancer offers a wide selection of customization materials and equipment. Their Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) provides endless customization possibilities, designed for various applications including stretch fabrics and reflective materials. The Chromaline brand of emulsions, recommended by Discovery Lancer, caters to high-quality print needs with fast exposure times and durability. For a professional sports look on apparel, Discovery Lancer’s twill products are available in bulk rolls or by the yard and ready for application with heat-applied adhesive.

Discovery Lancers’ equipment range covers all printing needs. This includes manual and automated screen printing presses and Direct To Film (DTF) printers, featuring brands like Galaxy for heat transfer presses, Vastex for manual presses, and ROQ for automated options.

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