Excalibur® SportPRO® 1596 Defender

Excalibur® SportPRO® 1596 Defender

Starting at $41.50

Our new 1596 Defender is a first down gray base and is designed to block dyes which may cause migration or bleeding into the finished print.

This product is Phthalate Free and designed to comply with requirements for heavy metal and other restricted chemicals. Curing can be achieved at 150 to 160c or approximately 300 to 325F. (Depending on curing time in oven)

Stencil: all types. If Phthalate Free prints are a requirement use Phthalate Free Photo Emulsion.

Screen Mesh: 60 to 160/inch (24 to 64/cm). Choice of mesh depends on deposit and opacity required.

Reducer: 502PF. Up to 3% may be added to reduce the ink

Tests should always be conducted before beginning production run.

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