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M&R – Tri-Loc: Screen Registration System (20X24)

M&R – Tri-Loc: Screen Registration System (20X24)


50% Off this gently used M&R Tri-Loc Screen Registration System


No other registration system offers the ease of use and accuracy of M&R’s patented Tri-Loc and Double Tri-Loc, M&R’s revolutionary Rapid Registration Systems. And Tri-Locs are key components in System Integration™. By designing products that work together seamlessly—products like Tri-Loc & Double Tri-Loc, NuArc’s Tri-Light exposure units, Chameleon and Sidewinder Manual Presses, and all M&R textile automatic presses—M&R equipment provides faster setup, improved quality, increased productivity, and enhanced profitability.

Tri-Locs are compatible with all M&R textile presses, and can be used with wood frames, aluminum static frames, and roller frames. Tri-Locs are affordably priced, extremely cost effective, and have no moving critical registration points to wear out. Tri-Locs employ precision-milled stop points to ensure that the operator can precisely match the registration on the exposure unit with the registration on the press. Double Tri-Loc is M&R’s twin-screen version. Screens properly exposed on one side of the Double Tri-Loc will be in sync with screens exposed on the other side, dramatically reducing the time devoted to exposing screens. And by combining NuArc’s Tri-Light Exposure System with the Double Tri-Loc, operators can burn two same-size screens at once.

Master registration frames, available in numerous adjustable and fixed sizes, fit most popular screen frame sizes. Custom sizes, individual Tri-Loc components, and complete Tri-Loc & Double Tri-Loc startup kits are also available. Cost-effective and easy to use, Tri-Locs can reduce setup time by as much as 95 percent. Unprecedented simplicity and unsurpassed accuracy make Tri-Loc and Double Tri-Loc the ideal choice for those who refuse to compromise on quality—and don’t have time to waste (U.S. Patent No. 5,953,987).

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