Evolution® 2 NX System Bases & Whites

Evolution® 2 NX System Bases & Whites

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NX6581 Optical White—Easy-printing, ready-for-use white ink that can be used as an underbase, stand-alone or highlight white. Optical White can be printed through meshes ranging from 80/inch—355/inch (32T-140T). Combined with its low-cure temperature, Optical White produces bleed-resistant results on many fabrics containing polyesters when curing parameters are followed.

NX6504 Mixing Base—A medium opacity mixing base to be used with Evolution Series 2 Pigment Concentrates to produce Pantone® simulations or custom colours. It is designed for printing on white or light coloured garments and as a top coat on Optical White when it is used as an underbase on dark-coloured garments. 110/inch-355/inch (43T-140T) mesh is recommended. Mesh size should be determined after pigment concentrates are mixed into the appropriate base and after consideration of artwork and desired end result of decoration.

NX6505 Process Base—A soft-hand base to be used with Evolution Series 2 Pigment Concentrates to produce CMYK process colours for printing on white or light-coloured fabrics. Mesh counts as fine as 355/inch (142T) can be used to produce soft, high-resolution prints.

NX6700 Clear Metallic Base—Clear base to mix glitter and metallic particles to produce special-effects enhancements to designs.

NX6835 High-Density Base—A special-effects base used to produce finished colours with the Evolution Series 2 Pigment Concentrates. Combined with a 200-700 micron capillary film stencil on the print side of the screen, NX6835 produces a thick, three-dimensional print. 80/inch-110/inch (32T-43T) yields excellent results.

For full technical information on using the NX system, please click here.

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