Excalibur® 590 Sabre White

Excalibur® 590 Sabre White

Starting at $33.75

590PF Sabre White is formulated as a low-bleed plastisol specifically designed to prevent dye migration on cotton / poly blended fabrics including "hoodies".  Sabre White's short body and creamy texture easily prints through meshes up to 230/in (92T) and provides excellent results when used as an under base, stand-alone or highlight white.  Its smooth finish offers printers an excellent surface for overprinting colours.


590PF Sabre White now fills a void between Competition White, Arctic White and Miracle White in the Excalibur product line giving you an excellent product to go up against any competitor in the marketplace on both price and performance.


Features and benefits of 590PF Sabre White are:

  • Low-bleed formulation helps fight dye migration on cotton / poly blended fabrics especially "hoodies"
  • Creamy texture enables lower squeegee pressure easily covering dark backgrounds with less ink.
  • Formulation does not include any "blowing agent" which results in a smooth surface that perfectly accepts overprint colours.
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