Excalibur® 961 ColorPRO® Series (Hot Peel)

Excalibur® 961 ColorPRO® Series (Hot Peel)
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The 961 Hot Peel ColorPRO Series is a Phthalate Free ink to ink colour matching system for transfer printing. Precise, simple to use, and easily repeated – all factors important to today’s screen printer, the 961 Hot Peel ColorPRO Series produces simulated Pantone colors using 12 ink colors (including black and white and base). 961 Hot Peel ColorPRO Series is a Pantone licensed system which means you will produce the most exact color. All of the colors have been mixed and test printed then transferred onto T-shirt fabrics. Simply select a color from your Pantone Color Formula Guide and find the formula in the ColorPRO Mixing Software. Formulations are based on weight and are extremely easy to follow.

Technical Details

Paper: Ultra Strip 3000, Tullis Russel HS. It is recommended that tests be done on other papers to determine suitability.
Stencil: All types
Mesh: 961 Hot Peel ColorPRO inks can be printed thru 74 to 160/inch (30T to 64T/cm) depending on opacity level that may be required.
Reducer: 961 Hot Peel ColorPRO inks are formulated ready to use. If it is necessary to reduce viscosity use 902 Viscosity Reducer.**Please note that inks should be thoroughly stirred prior to printing, inks are thixotropic and will naturally reduce with stirring.
Squeegee: Use a medium (70) durometer.
Method: It is important to “gel” the inks on the paper rather than fully cure them. Recommended gelling temperature is 240-260F (116-127C) for 30 – 60 seconds. The use of temperature strips will help to calibrate the curing with the dryer you are using. If you are using Plastisol Puff and Printable Adhesives these will be printed and gelled last. Improper curing of Hot Split transfers can affect the shelf life, release and opacity of the transfer. Be careful not to under cure as this will affect the shelf life.
Clean up: TR-Blend or 2000 Green
Transfer Application: Transfer your image at 375-400F (191-204C) for 6-12 seconds with medium pressure. Peel hot.

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