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Excalibur® Additives and Reducers

Excalibur® Additives and Reducers

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102 Matte Additive, 103 Fast Flash Additive, 501 Curable Reducer, 502 Viscosity Reducer, HD-PF High Density Additive, 902 Viscosity Reducer, 906 Hot Split Additive, 1501 Curable Reducer, ABA – Anti-Build Up Additive, EXC-THK Liquid Thickener, HGA – High Gloss Additive, HSA – High Stretch Additive, LBA – Low Bleed Additive, LCA – Low Cure Additive, PF-97 Puff Additive, Suede Additive, 507 Soft Hand Additive, TH200 – Powder Thickener, ECA – Easy Charge Additive, 105 – Low Tack Additive


US Quart, US Gallon, 5 US Gallon

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