Excalibur® 600SS Super Series – 4 Colour Process (CMYK) Transfers Plastisol

Excalibur® 600SS Super Series – 4 Colour Process (CMYK) Transfers Plastisol
  • Excalibur® 600SS Super Series - Process

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Super Strength Formula

Designed For 4 Color Process Heat Transfer Printing

600SS Series are highly pigmented process colors to make heat transfer prints. Ideal for glitter transfers and puff process transfers.

Technical Details

Paper: Transfert 75, Transfilm 100M, Texture 160
Stencil: All types
Mesh: 80 to 125/inch (33T to 50T/cm).
Reducer: If necessary 501 Curable Reducer may be added in small amounts. **Please note that inks should be thoroughly stirred prior to printing, inks are thixotropic and will naturally reduce with stirring.
Squeegee: Use a medium (70) durometer.
Method: Print plastisol onto release paper. The ink must be semi-cured or gelled through a dryer. It is important not to fully cure the ink. The easiest way to check is to peel away the ink film after drying. If it is not wet but breaks apart easily, the ink is probably over-cured. If ink is over-cured, poor transfer to fabric and poor washability will result.
Adhesive Methods: Powder Method (for increased durability): To increase the durability of your transfer, Superhold powder or a C Series powder can be applied to each layer of wet ink before going thru the dryer. Printable Adhesive Method: After gelling the last colour in your design, print an overprint of printable adhesive (841/845) using a 60-60/inch (24T-32T/cm) mesh. Gel through the dryer. For extra durability an adhesive powder may be applied to the wet printable adhesive.
Clean up: TR-Blend or 2000 Green
Transfer Application: Transfer your image at 350F (177C) for 10-15 seconds with medium pressure.

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