Excalibur® 834/835 Series (Direct Print) – High Density

Excalibur® 834/835 Series (Direct Print) – High Density
  • Excalibur® 834/835 Series (Direct Print) - High Density

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Produce Sharp 3D Screen Printed Effects!

835 High Density Ink will produce an exceptionally thick ink film with sharp edges when printed through a thick stencil screen. 835 Inks are extremely opaque. 835 has exceptional strength, resists cracking and has a soft hand feel.

Technical Details

Stencil: 250 to 400 Micron direct capillary stencils are recommended. The thinner stencils may require repeated print/flash/print cycles to obtain desired effect. OR direct emulsion may be used with a multiple coat & dry application for desired stencil thickness.
Mesh: 60 to 110/inch (24T to 44T/cm). 60/inch (24T/cm) is strongly recommended, however mesh counts up to 110/inch (44T/cm) may be used for finer details.
Reducer: 835 Series is designed to be used directly out of the pot. **Please note that inks should be thoroughly stirred prior to printing, inks are thixotropic and will naturally reduce with stirring. Curing: Full cure can be reached when the entire ink film reaches 320F (160C) to 350F (177C).Caution Curing times will increase greatly because of the thickness of the ink film! The cured print should resist cracking. If print is undercured poor washibility may result. Tests for product compatibility should always be conducted prior to production runs. Note: The amount of time it takes for the ink to reach a curing temperature will depend on the colour and thickness of the ink deposit. Curing is a time and temperature relationship. The longer the time or the higher the temperature or combination of these, the faster the cure. Temperature strips can be used to help read the temperature of the ink film, temperature guns can help read the surface temperature of the ink film. The absolute test is whether the print will stand repeated washings. An initial test to determine cure is, after curing allow the garment to cool to room temperature, the print should feel dry and firm when rubbed with your thumb. It should be able to stretch and relax without excessive cracking.
Clean up: TR-Blend or 2000 Green


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