Excalibur® Glitter Flakes (.004 x .004)

Excalibur® Glitter Flakes (.004 x .004)
  • Glitter Flakes (.004 x .004)

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Ground Breaking Textile Metallic Flake Special Effects!

Metallic Flakes Will Mix With Most Clear Bases

Metallic Flakes are added to textile inks to create a shiny, metallic special effect. Mixes with most clear ink bases. Also available in a premixed version.

Technical Details

Mix Ratio: 20% Glitter to 80% Base. (Percentage may vary to suit your needs).
Stencil: All types
Mesh: 80-110/inch (32T-44T/cm)
Reducer: 502 Reducer may be added to the ink. 502 Viscosity Reducer can be used in limited amounts (no more than 1-3%) to achieve the desired consistency. Limited amounts of 502 Reducer will duplicate the look and feel of water based prints. The only minor drawback is that as you increase the amount used, the plastisol loses some stretch and abrasion resistance. Excessive amounts may increase curing times. **Please note that inks should be thoroughly stirred prior to printing, inks are thixotropic and will naturally reduce with stirring.
Squeegee: Use a medium (70) durometer as a minimum, but a triple durometer (70/90/70) is optimal.
Direct Print Method: To ensure good coverage, flood your screen, two passes should be made applying medium squeegee pressure.
Curing: Full cure can be reached when the entire ink film reaches 325-335F (163-169C). Because of the bright reflective nature of Metallics, extra time may be required..  Tests for product compatibility should always be conducted prior to production runs. Note: The amount of time it takes for the ink to reach a curing temperature will depend on the colour and thickness of the ink deposit. Curing is a time and temperature relationship. The longer the time or the higher the temperature or combination of these, the faster the cure. Temperature strips can be used to help read the temperature of the ink film, temperature guns can help read the surface temperature of the ink film. The absolute test is whether the print will stand repeated washings. An initial test to determine cure is, after curing allow the garment to cool to room temperature, the print should feel dry and firm when rubbed with your thumb. It should be able to stretch and relax without excessive cracking.
Heat Transfer Printing: Print on high gloss paper for Metallic transfers and semi- cure or gel in a dryer. Transfer for 12-15 seconds at 350F (177C) with medium pressure.
Sprinkle Application: Screen print a plastisol base, such as our Jelly Print or Stone Print, onto your fabric. While ink is still wet Metallic Flakes may be applied by sprinkling the chips onto the printed areas and gently brushing or tapping off the excess flakes. You may also apply the chips to your wet design by putting a layer of glitter flakes in a large enough container then gently pressing or dipping the image directly onto the glitter flakes. Brush or tap off the excess flakes. Fully cure as you normally would.
Clean up: TR-Blend or 2000 Green


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