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Transfer Paper (Screen Printing)

Transfer Paper (Screen Printing)

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LT105: LT105 is a heavier weight cold peel heat transfer paper for high quality decoration.  100 grams/meter2 give it dimensional stability that is ideal for multi-colour and CMYK transfers.  Primarily recommended for screen printing but offset litho printing is possible. It is perfect for T-shirts and sweat-shirts, but can also be used to print transfers for speciality fabrics such as workwear and sportswear, etc

Transfert 75: For years, T-75 has been the standard of the industry for heat transfer production. It combines dimensional stability with a smooth easy release. This paper was developed to be smoother and more stable than parchment type paper. Transfert 75 is an ideal choice for multi-tcolor jobs where registration and fine detail are important. However, it is not recommended for hit split plastisol transfers. It is a cold peel system only. Can be litho or screen printed.

Transfilm:Transfilm is a release coated, 100 micron, matte finish polyester film. This cold peel film is compatible with plastisol, water-based, silicone and offset litho inks. The coating has an easy release and leaves a very smooth surface.

Ultra Strip 5000: A coated hot peel paper which allows the screen printer to obtain complete plastisol ink release at time of transfer, yet still maintain the hot peel look. Excellent opacity is obtained when transferred onto dark garments.

G-97 Transfer Paper: A high gloss release paper designed for glitter transfer. Can be litho and screen printed.

Texture 160 Special Effects Transfer Paper: T160L is a leather texture paper which will leave a simulated leather finish after heat transfer. T160W is a wave design similar to a holographic image. Both papers are a cold peel transfer.

Soft Trans ST88 - Hot Split: This paper has been designed to be used as a hot split heat transfer paper, when printed with hot split plastisol inks (Excalibur 900 Series). Either side of the Soft Trans paper can be printed with good results.

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