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Textac™ Water-Based Pallet Adhesive

Textac™ Water-Based Pallet Adhesive

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TexTac is a line of water based adhesive for tacking fabrics and t-shirts in place for screen printing. no more aerosol cans, environmental concerns solvents or fumes!

Advantages of TexTac Water-Based Adhesive:

- High Production - Hundreds of shirts can usually be run without re-spray! A light re-application often will provide for another long production run. TexTac adhesive can be flash cured for rapid strength development and long holding power.

- Water Soluble - The table/pallet can be cleaned with warm water!

- No Disposability Problems - All adhesive can be fully used in application equipment. No flammable aerosol canister to store or to present a hazardous material disposal problem. TexTac contains no solvents, ammonia or mineral oil.

*FREEZE/THAW STABLE* - Product will freeze, but can be used once thawed at room temperature.

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