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IMAGE MATE™ DC 521 – Dual Cure Emulsion

IMAGE MATE™ DC 521 – Dual Cure Emulsion

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DC 521 is the best general purpose emulsion that we offer making perfect for small shops, or people just starting out. It is extremely forgiving, easy to use and is a good match with fluorescent tube type exposure units and vellum positives. DC 521 is great with high mesh counts (205 – 355) and for customers that are printing four colour process.

-Universal Emulsion compatible with UV, Solvent, Waterbased, Silicone and Plastisol Inks

-Easy Reclaimability

-Easy Stencil Development

-Wide Exposing exposure latitude makes it simple to calculate exposure time

-2 part formula, must mix with Diazo sensitizer

-60 day pot life once sensitized

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