Image Mate DC 521 – Dual Cure Blue Photoemulsion

Image Mate DC 521 – Dual Cure Blue Photoemulsion

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DC 521 is a blue photoemulsion for every screen printing job. Whether it's for garments or simple graphics, DC 521 will endure thousands of prints without locking up. DC 521 has low viscosity which allows for smooth coating on medium to high mesh counts. For general applications using plastisol and water based inks. Low viscosity with extremely high solids content. DC 521 handles low mesh tensions and high squeegee pressures very well and also has a wide exposure time latitude.

DC 521 features:

- Universal photoemulsion for all inks and adhesives

- Easy reclaim without staining for "hot" solvent lock-in

- Able to withstand long print runs & abrasive ink additives

- Very wide exposure time latitude

- Excellent resolution and mesh bridging

- Very fast exposure times on all exposure unit types

- Excellent levelling for low Rz values

- Balanced color for easy inspection & on-press registration

- Flexibility to handle low mesh tensions & high squeegee pressure

- Extended unexposed screen life

- Compatible with most textile inks used in screen printing

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