Excalibur® 998 Series Sublimation Litho Ink

Excalibur® 998 Series Sublimation Litho Ink
  • Excalibur®998 Series Sublimation Litho Ink

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Four Color Process Sublimation Inks for High Speed

Lithographic Textile Printing

The Excalibur 998 Sublimation Litho inks are used to print Sublimation Heat Transfers on high speed lithographic presses. The result is brilliant designs ready to be applied to a number of different specially coated substrates.

Technical Details

Paper: Soft Trans ST88 is recommended though most types of offset paper can be used. Coated stock is not recommended.
Sublimation Lithographic Printing and Production: Sublimation Litho Inks preform on the press like conventional lithographic inks. For best results and colour control, process work should be run on a four-colour press, although satisfactory results can be obtained on a single or two colour press. It is also possible to utilize a web press, provided the web is sheeted at the delivery end. When the inks are initially printed on the paper, they appear dull and dirty. It is only after they are heat transferred onto the material that the true colour develops. Colour bars must be run and densitometer readings taken to ensure even coverage on the sheet. Slight variations in inking result in large differences when the transfer is made. For proper quality control of the printed paper, it is absolutely essential that the lithographer have a heat transfer press to test the colour. There is no way that the colour on the paper can be related to the colour on the fabric unless the transfer print is made. Sheets should be checked at least every 500 impressions. Anyone who is unwilling to make this minimal investment should not consider entering the field of sublimation printing. Sheets must be checked for scumming and tinting. Any defects will be transferred from the non-image areas to the garment.
Transfer Properties: This type of transfer works well on polyester blend fabrics i.e. T-Shirts, mouse pads, pennants, etc. they can also be applied to specially coated materials including ceramic, wood, plastic and metal.

Transfer Application: Time, Temperature and Pressure Settings will vary according to the material being transferred.

Material                               Time                                      Temperature                     Pressure

Polyester Fabric*             25 sec                                    400F                                        med/high

Plastic                                 35 sec                                    400F                                        med/high

Metal                                   30-55 sec                              400F                                        med/high

Melamine/Wood              80 sec                                    400F                                        med/high

Ceramic Tiles                     150-210 sec                          400F                                        med/high

Ceramic Mugs**              110-310 sec                            350-400F                                med/high

*For garments – Preheat to remove excess moisture and wrinkles. Use Teflon sheets inside shirt to prevent ink blow through. **Time and temperature vary with press.

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