Excalibur® 525 Competition White Plastisol

Excalibur® 525 Competition White Plastisol

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525 Series Competition White Plastisol Ink has been designed as a high performance, direct printing white at a highly competitive price. 525 Series Ink is formulated to be very creamy and smooth which allows for easier screen printing. Competition White will print easily with both hand printing and machine printing. 525 Series is a very opaque white ink and has a soft hand feel when screen printed. 525 Series Competition White can be used as a first down white or as a highlight white.

Technical Details:

Stencil: All types
Mesh: 60 to 230/inch (24T to 92T/cm). Choice of mesh depends on deposit and opacity required.
Reducer: 502 Reducer up to 3% and 501 curable reducer
Squeegee: Use a medium (70) durometer as a minimum, but a triple durometer (70/90/70) is optimal.
Curing: Full cure can be reached at 320F (160C). Tests for product compatibility should always be conducted prior to production runs.
Clean up: TR-Blend or 2000 Green

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